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The lifecycle of a Finnish band named Kameleontti began in 2001 when Ville, Riku and Samppa met Walchu who was just the missing piece into their band. After adding him behind the drums the line-up was finalized and they started practicing together. At first the group really wasn´t sure what kind of music would they start playing but because each one shared the passion for metal, they had only one option. After releasing their first demo EP titled “Luojan Kiitos” in 2001 the drummer Walchu left the band. In the fall of 2004 finally the band found a new drummer named Heikki and released a four song EP titled “Kaiken Jälkeen”. Now three years later the band line-up has stabilized and it´s time for Kameleontti to do another attack, this time going under the name “Vähitellen Vaikenee”.

So “Vähitellen Vaikenee” is the fourth effort from the band that I must admit is totally unknown for me. I put the CD into my CD-player and the first impression was that Kameleontti is quite basic Finnish metal act that has gotten a little influence from traditional Finnish bands such as Mokoma and Stamina. The style they play is some sort of mixture of metal and thrash but you can still sense that the band members enjoy listening to such Finnish bands as Nicole, Pofony etc. as well. The atmosphere on the album is depressive and each song is really heavily built. There´s a lot of nice little guitar solos and nice drumming from the drummer Heikki Oinonen.

Even though “Vähitellen Vaikenee” is basically demo effort, you can clearly notice it both from the mixing and from the musicianship that this band is way way better than an average demo band. The band is basically ready but the only problem is that the material doesn´t separate enough from the rest. If you manage to add a little more creativity into song structures and a little bit more unique sound, I bet that you will get signed sooner or later!

3 ½/ 5

Arto Mäenpää / HardcoreSounds

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