Tuskasi Leiki kuollutta arvio

Yes, they are really back! One and a half years after ”Sarkaimet” my favorite Finnish newcomer band introduces its latest output – a one-track-single called ”Leiki juollutta”. Hopefully a foretaste of what is to come?I really loved ”Sarkaimet” for its weighty Metal sound that mixed up Old School mid-tempo Metal with Death and Thrash riffs. That was nothing very innovative or new, but a fresh mix from known ingredients – served on a cool plate. On the new song ”Leiki juollutta” I miss this fresh and weighty Metal sound a bit. Once again it’s played, sung and mixed in a very professional way. But this time it lacks the coolness and the snotty tone. The new song is okay, but the sound is not rough enough, the riffs are far too smooth. All in all it’s too average to shine between the mass of Death, Thrash releases.

For the full-length output (that I really hunger after) I wish back the sound from ”Sarkaimet”: Edgily and full of strong riffs. I wish for Kameleontti that they are not playing any calculated ”Everybody’s Darling” Metal now, but cool and fresh and especially forceful Metal with balls instead.


Thomas Krampe / Tuskasi

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