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Well, finally they did it! The guys of Kameleontti, my favourite Finnish newcomer band, released their first full-length output called ”Tärkein Vähemmistö”. Can you remember that in my review for their pre-up single ”Leiki kuollutta” I wished back the style of Kameleontti’s demo-days? Can you recall that I wanted back Kameleontti playing Metal with balls?

Well, finally they did it! The guys found back the style of their ”old days” while they reinvent and update the idea behind their music. On ”Tarkein Vähemmistö” the band mixes up its divine mid-tempo Metal with a pinch of Metalcore and Melodic Death; sometimes decorated with a glimmer of Finnish melancholy. This mixture is a raunchy, melodic, catchy one – and it hits you straight to your face. During the 40 minutes of ”Tarkein Vähemmistö” the listener gets only one breathing pause: On ”Valheenmurtajat” singer Ville Hakasalo whispers some clean vocals into the microphone, before the song mutates into a stomping mid-tempo-beast. Finally ”Leiki kuollutta”, the everybody’s-darling-single-output, dovetails with the overall concept of the whole album and pleases me too.

From the start the guys of Kameleontti have created neither very innovative nor progressive nor a completely new Metal style – but I think that never was the intention. From the beginning on they did the kind of sound they wanted to play. You mentioned that sounds like mainstream? You say that’s little innovative? For me this one is more honest than trying to create something completely new that seems insincere.

In case of Kameleontti the mixture of different (current) Metal styles makes the music. Besides with ”Tärkein Vähemmistö” the guys give every doubter a one-finger salute and show that they have really blue balls indeed.


Thomas Krampe / Tuskasi

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